Cave Cuts

by 26 BATS!

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released April 26, 2017

All songs written and preformed by 26 BATS!
Recorded at 434 Studios, Minneapolis, MN
Kremblems 2017

Front cover art by Anna Paschal
Back cover by Key of One Trill Being

Mixed and Mastered by Christian Wheeler
Recorded by Christian Wheeler, Bailey Cogan and Karl Remus

Keys and vocals by Bailey Cogan
Guitar, bass, keys, and additional vocals by Karl Remus
Bass and guitar by Christian Wheeler
Drums by Warren Thomas Fenzi
Trumpet by Daniel Chavez


all rights reserved



26 BATS! Minneapolis, Minnesota

genre-fluid jazz punks

Bailey 26 Cogan's band, magic, pride and joy

Bailey 26 Cogan
Karl Remus
Daniel Chavez
Warren Thomas Fenzi
Christian Wheeler
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Track Name: Sonar Flow
EeeOooEee x26
Track Name: Cider
Leaves swirling down from the trees
Cider, please be sweet
Spider caught me in its web
Suck me dry
Where's my head?
Be sweet

Rustling through decaying colors
Photosynthesis mourns another
I bring you close to my lips
Burn my tongue
Scalding drips

The air is crisp
How could I resist?
I've fallen for you
Track Name: Oscillate
Om Kriya Aum
Winter's crawling around my vase
Technicolor poinsettias contain the ashes of my self restraint
The cold is creepin' through my veins
Of love
Of hate
Human strength is to kriyate
Track Name: Edge of Life
Walk with me walk with me walk with me walk
Walk with me to the edge of life
Join me to a journey through
Love eternal
Above Ajna
Track Name: Teriyaki Sundress
Track Name: Touch Mai Face
Damn you're hard
The bones around my heart break in shards
My breath is sharp
Lemme touch your face

My body, your body
I never meant to hurt nobody
I cant save nobody

Pull my pussy down
Feel my darkness surround you
The cold damp ground is the bed where I found you

I wanna touch your face
Track Name: Guilty
I was sitting in at 4th precinct
Protesting with #Justice4Jamar
When a bunch of pigs came squealing, assaulting us off the floor

The whole damn system is guilty as hell
The whole damn system can go straight to hell

Shots were fired at the protesters by white supremacists
Cops were standing 50 feet away but no help came 'til the ambulance

Black lives matter
Track Name: Smack Talk
I know you walk like that
I know you talk like that
You wanna talk that smack?
Go home

La-dee-da Oooh
Track Name: Donwanagithi
I dont wanna get high no more
Why you keep knocking at my door?
Can't you see that shit is closed?
Your shadow creeps through my keyhole
I dont wanna see you
Dont wanna feel you
Dont wanna breathe you no more
I dont wanna see, dont wanna feel, dont wanna breathe no more
Track Name: Steps of Grief
How I wish to know when I will die
No one could be wrong if they said goodbye
Can you see when its over, when it is gone?
Can you hear people crying for you alone?

Why's this bag on my head mean that I'm dead?
Where's the light at the end?
Only hear lovers scream echos embed, "Why cant I hold your hand?"
If you only told me you loved me, this would be okay
Now you stand at my grave as I decay
How dare you betray?

Now I'm lost in this nightmare, so damn alone
"Is there anyone out there?" Grief desperately groaned.
Now he walked to the edge of the cliff, but did not look down
When he jumped, he did not fall. Acceptance was found.

Steps of grief are now over
Track Name: Moonlight
You are my moonlight
My only moonlight
You make me sparkle when stars glow rays
You only stay true to light that shines through
I'm not alone at the end of the day
Track Name: Phoenix
As I rise, flames take my flesh and melt my eyes so I cant see the ruins left behind
In weightless sky, traveling light
Why fight the flight?

Distending from descending weight
Sympathetic pretending
Threads mending your rendering fate: heavens gates
Tending to mind's meddling suspicions
Misusing intuition
Maybe I'd quit trippin' if I could listen
I fled the prisons premises kissing threads that psyche stitch
The flames burn like a bitch, but I ascend I wont quit

Gold sparks shimmering from my wings

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